Do-it-Yourself Bathroom Remodeling Without a Sweat

Do-it-Yourself Bathroom Remodeling Without a SweatThere’s no place like home but when you are faced with a dingy and impractical bathroom design after buying a new house, you may be second guessing your purchase. A serviceable bathroom may not be enough for most people, seeing that they plan to live in the current house for years right until reselling it arise in the future. Turning your bathroom into something you will value or your future home buyers will love is a concern right there and so remodeling it with amenities and style that can suit the general public’s taste is possible and can be learned. Redoing the bathroom, from plumbing to visual layouts, can be a good return of investment later on.

When investing on a home, there’s no doubt that bathrooms can be the trickiest part of the whole remodeling set-up. Change the layout that includes relocating fixtures and plumbing to suit your needs is essential. Opting for installing high quality products in a bathroom can be a smart move because it will translate into a high return on investment, especially if you will be selling the house later on.

Before tearing up walls and letting go of the old fixtures, the location of the bathroom door should be initially strategized. It is of prime importance that you comprehend the structural requirements that align with county and city codes. Remember that there can be stringent requirements in notching, removing or drilling the floor joist and load bearing walls. Demolition can take almost two days and the carpentry modification and plumbing can take almost three days to finish. All in all, including the electrical work, drywall, tile and cabinet installation plus finishings can take up 18 to 20 days.

It is also recommended that you already have purchased the raw materials in advance. This is to ensure to give leeway to product inspections and you could return these bathroom fixtures for replacement whenever there’s a defect. To save time for the drywall installation, using a rapid-setting joint compound can be helpful in attaching drywall seams without a hitch to your bathroom ceilings and walls.

Since the toilet will not be useable when doing renovation, you should prepare to rent a portable toilet for your family’s temporary use when nature calls. However, when you have an extra bathroom, this won’t be necessary. Shut off valves have to be checked and knowing how you can operate the main water valve can be handy. If you notice a leak, turn off the water valve immediately to avoid major water damage and mold growth that can damage the tiles.

Knowing your way through a major bathroom remodeling is not a daunting task as many people believe. What’s important is that you have prepared a plan and work through a specified schedule to avoid delays since this can take more than half a month. Also, the expenses can be high – it can be worth $10,000 or more – so a hefty budget must be set aside before the bathroom remodeling plan can be pursued.


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